Mail Art Sale 02

Monika Wiatrowska
extremely limited editions

$25-$165 CAD

What is is:
Twelve total original i-Type/600 Polaroids from casual snaps to tests and non-selects.

Polaroids are sold as-is, not matted or framed. They are monogram stamped and signed, and sent to you with a couple of randomly chosen 4x6” blank postcards, which are printed on the front with some of Monika’s other photography from last year. 

*30% of total proceeds from this sale are donated to PACE Society and Qmunity (15% each).

How it is:
These may only be mailed within Canada or to the US. Mailing cost with tracking is included. If you’re local, pickup from Doris in Vancouver (242 East Pender) is an option, too. We can arrange a day and time via email.

You can do whatever you want with your mailed art, stick it on the fridge, frame it, put it in a drawer and forget about it. Send a postcard to a friend telling them all about your lunch!
Morning triptych
(from black and white self portrait series)
Indoor/outdoor garden pair
(set test and self portrait double exposure test)

Blue car hood

Blue car rear

Dark garden (SOLD)

Rose with spider

(outdoor self portrait double exposure)

Toe curl (SOLD)